BASF has provided amended labeling for this product and users are under legal obligation to follow amended labeling. It is a violation of FIFRA Section 12 to use a registered pesticide in a manner inconsistent with its labeling.

The need for Engenia® herbicide is greater than ever due to increasingly resistant weed populations. Our customers can be confident in the technology behind Engenia, as well as our continued commitment to and support for dicamba.



March 19 2021 - With the start of the 2021 growing season, farmers continue to need effective tools as they battle weed populations that are increasingly resistant to certain herbicides. The need for Engenia herbicide is greater than ever due to this challenge. On February 22, 2021, Corteva Agriscience made a decision to discontinue sales of their OTT dicamba, Fexapan® herbicide, in the U.S. Given this decision, BASF encourages former users of Fexapan herbicide, or other dicambas approved for over the top use, to consider Engenia herbicide for application on their dicamba tolerant crops during the 2021 season.


With over 50 years of experience with the active ingredient dicamba, BASF remains fully committed to offering Engenia herbicide as a solution for farmers during the 2021 growing season and beyond.


Based on BASF’s proprietary BAPMA technology, Engenia represents the most advanced dicamba formulation on the market. At 12.8 fl. oz. per acre, it has the lowest use rate available for dicamba-tolerant crops, and it offers the lowest volatility dicamba salt.


As an approved buffering adjuvant is now required for every application of Engenia, BASF has introduced Sentris™ Buffering Technology for use with Engenia herbicide and other OTT dicambas during the 2021 season. With a use rate of 8 fl. oz. per acre, Sentris currently offers the lowest use rate of approved buffering adjuvants. Combined with the low use rate of Engenia, this represents an opportunity for improved efficiency on any operation. Approved tank-mix partners and additional approved buffering adjuvants for use with Engenia can be found at


Additionally, Engenia is backed by the Engenia Weed Control Guarantee for the 2021 season, which provides incentives toward the use of industry leading residual herbicides like Zidua PRO® herbicide, Zidua® herbicide, and Outlook® herbicide. Qualified applications to soybeans or cotton which follow all application guidelines and requirements may be eligible for up to $12 per acre towards the cost of necessary resprays. Please see the full details at


With multiple dicamba-based innovations in our R&D pipeline, BASF has long-term plans for Engenia and other dicambas within our portfolio. These plans include the future launch of Engenia® Prime herbicide, which is pending EPA registration.


Our customers can be confident in the technology behind Engenia, as well as our continued commitment to and support for dicamba.


Contact your BASF representative , your local BASF Authorized Retailer, our Customer Care Team (1-973-245-6000 or, or visit to learn how Engenia herbicide can help to add value to your operation during the 2021 growing season.