The need for Engenia® herbicide is greater than ever due to increasingly resistant weed populations. Our customers can be confident in the technology behind Engenia, as well as our continued commitment to and support for dicamba.



Choose the most advanced dicamba with confidence.

Engenia® herbicide delivers advanced technology backed by BASF expertise and service. Built on our proprietary BAPMA technology, Engenia herbicide has the lowest volatility of all dicamba salts for more successful on-target applications. No wonder Engenia herbicide is the trusted dicamba choice backed by the Engenia Herbicide Weed Control Guarantee from the dicamba pioneers and experts—BASF. See full program terms and conditions of the Engenia Herbicide Weed Control Guarantee here.

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Engenia History

A 50+ Year Culmination of Innovation and Experience.

Field research demonstrates on-target herbicide application success with low volatility and drift, so the herbicide remains in place.

(above) Formulation advancements from Banvel® herbicide to Clarity® herbicide to Engenia herbicide.


* Heap, I. The International Survey of Herbicide-Resistant Weeds. Available at, accessed March 16, 2016.

Engenia Features and Benefits

Part of an Effective Weed Control Program.



Achieve consistent performance with systemic activity

Allows the active ingredient to move from the point of application to other parts of the plant, providing more consistent weed control.




Control resistant weeds with an additional site of action

This helps control weeds resistant to glyphosate and PPOs.




Keep Weeds down with residual control

Offers 2 weeks of broadleaf residual control

Maximize flexibility and efficiency with a low use rate.

Lower Use Rate

With a lower use rate, growers can stock less product and save more space. When you use Engenia herbicide, you’ll apply at a rate of 12.8 ounces per acre, the lowest use rate, when compared to any competitive product.