BASF has provided amended labeling for this product and users are under legal obligation to follow amended labeling. It is a violation of FIFRA Section 12 to use a registered pesticide in a manner inconsistent with its labeling.

Stay one step ahead with the most efficient dicamba.

As an over-the-top dicamba with the lowest use rate, Engenia® herbicide helps you cover more acres more efficiently , so you can focus on tackling more items on your to-do list this season. Powered by BASF's proprietary BAPMA salt and high-performance dicamba, you can be confident that you're getting the most advanced herbicide available for dicamba-tolerant soybeans.


Choose confidence.

We guarantee commercially acceptable weed control when you apply Engenia herbicide according to label instructions and guidelines. See full terms and conditions of the Engenia Herbicide Control Guarantee Program.


BAPMA Technology

Engenia herbicide is the most advanced dicamba formulation.

Our proprietary BAPMA technology is the newest, most advanced dicamba salt on the market. BAPMA salt allows a higher load of salt, resulting in a lower use rate. And it gives Engenia herbicide a heavier molecular weight, resulting in lower volatility.

Watch the video to see how we developed this technology.


The lowest use rate. Maximum profitability.

Choosing the dicamba with the lowest use rate allows you to cover the same acres with about half the volume, helping you make the most efficient use of your time. And when it comes to growing soybeans and cotton, time is money.

Fewer trips to reload

Engenia herbicide covers the same acres with less product, so you make fewer trips between the shed and the field.

Less product to store

With less product needed, Engenia herbicide frees up valuable storage space.

Less time spent applying

Faster application means you can meet the cutoff date even if weather doesn't cooperate, and you can take the time you need to be accurate.

The lowest volatility. More successful on-target applications.

Engenia herbicide has a 70% lower volatility compared to other DGA-based dicambas, which means it has the lowest volatility of all dicamba salts.

Formulation advancements from Banvel® herbicide to Clarity® herbicide to Engenia herbicide.

References: Heap, I. The International Survey of Herbicide-Resistant Weeds. Available at, accessed March 16. 2016.

Engenia Features and Benefits

The best tool to beat the worst weeds.

Engenia herbicide is an essential part of an effective weed control program.

Additional Site of Action

DT crops allow for the use of an additional site of action, which helps control weeds that are resistant to glyphosate and PPOs.

Systemic Activity

The dicamba moves from the point of application to other parts of the plant, providing more consistent weed control.

Residual Control

Engenia herbicide keeps weeds down with 2 weeks of broadleaf residual control.

Get longer lasting residual control.

Engenia herbicide delivers pigweed control for an average of 4-to-6 weeks after post.


A 50+ year culmination of innovation and experience.

The development of BAPMA salt is just the latest in more than 50 years of dicamba expertise from BASF.



Label and SDS

Engenia herbicide is a U.S. EPA Restricted Use Pesticide. EVERY application of Engenia herbicide requires the use of a pH buffering adjuvant such as AEGOS Buffering Technology. Additional state restrictions may apply. Always read and follow label directions. 

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