BASF Statement on Sentris™ Buffering Technology Compatibility with Glyphosate

BASF is aware of the blog post and videos shared by the University of Arkansas Extension and a follow up post by the University of Missouri documenting concerns with tank mixes containing Sentris Buffering Technology and glyphosate. BASF remains confident in the performance of Sentris buffering technology. We want to reassure applicators that Sentris Buffering Technology is safe to use as a pH buffering adjuvant with tank mixes that contain dicamba and glyphosate for over-the-top applications on dicamba-tolerant soybean and cotton. 


In the blog post and videos posted to twitter, the University of Arkansas extension shares their experience when mixing Sentris Buffering Technology, Engenia® herbicide and glyphosate in 3L bottles. The mixing, immediate capping, and agitation does not represent any real-world scenario encountered by applicators when using Sentris Buffering Technology. 


Sentris buffering technology has been used successfully in BASF trials and by applicators in the field during the 2021 season. When added to Engenia herbicide spray mixtures, Sentris Buffering Technology will further reduce the potential for off-target movement by addressing pH and spray solution hygiene.


Below is additional information to consider when using Sentris Buffering Technology:

  • The University of Arkansas mixing test demonstrates how Sentris Buffering Technology (a base) is effective at reducing the acidity of the spray solution caused by the addition of glyphosate. In the process of neutralizing the acidity, Sentris Buffering Technology will release CO2, similar to what happens when baking soda is mixed with vinegar the CO2 and does dissipate quickly.
  • Modern commercial sprayers are vented which allows CO2 to escape, thereby eliminating potential pressure buildup. In other situations, proper venting of your mixing and handling will prevent pressure buildup.
  • If using an inductor tank, it is important to follow best practices. This includes adding one product at a time and flushing the inductor with water between each additional product.
  • We never recommend mixing products directly together. It is industry practice to always use water during compatibility testing and mixing / loading.
  • Compatibility issues between Sentris Buffering Technology and glyphosate have not been observed when the proper mixing order has been followed in applications that have been made to date on more than 1 million acres this year. Use an approved commercial antifoaming agent if foaming is a concern.


More information on Sentris Buffering Technology can be found here.


As a reminder, EVERY application of Engenia® herbicide requires the use of an approved buffering adjuvant. Approved buffering adjuvants can be found on